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Beggar free country


It is shocked to know that about 3,00,000 children are forced to beg by cartels…but why? They are been drugged, beaten and forced to beg everyday.This cartel is controlled by human trafficking cartels. And yes human trafficking cartel is a multi-million rupee industry. The money you give to the child beggars goes to these cartels and mafias. Every year many children are brought from Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisa and Rajasthan and forced to beg on streets, bus stop, redlight and in Indian railway.

Recently, the state government of Odisha has directed the Women and Child Welfare Department to rescue and rehabilitate the child beggars. The Odishachildline rescued 12 child beggars from different parts of the cities. 18 minors were also rescued from railway station, bus stand etc.Why not other state should work with coordination along with NGOs.

We read so many news headlines where it is proved that behind all the child beggars it is either mafia or a racket is going on. But how to stop this thing from happening? A single person can’t stop this but if the government wants they can change this and children can have a further that they want. We approaches to the Government, Individuals, Corporate to help us either directly or by sponsoring the child to remove them from the begging.


Sponsor an orphan for education and care

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