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Old age & orphan care



A roof over their heads is a critical need of the elder who are destitute, sick and abandoned by family and those uprooted by disasters. Human Research & Development Organisation India has established model homes for the senior citizens and aged in places such as Patiala &Gurdaspur in Punjab, Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu and Kolkata in West Bengal. Human Research & Development Organisation supports old age homes, you may call us to visit old age & orphan home any time.


With a strong belief that helping old aged people and spreading awareness of elder care would not only give them a new life but also reduce the issue of elder abuse in the society. We believe in the notion of “VasudevaKutumbakam” meaning the whole word is our family which inspires us to serve every needy old aged as our own family member.


We urge all our well wishers to contribute their valuable time as a volunteer. We request you to donate raw food or any other useful items for the day to day needs of senior citizens and disabled people. In addition, you may consider to sponsor an attendant / nurse to take care of bed-ridden and disabled living in our Orphan care centre.We would greatly appreciate if you consider sponsoring one time meal for the destitute people living at our NGO’s home on any special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or any memorable day in your family.



Sponsor an orphan for education and care

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