HRDO is thus committed to contain the spread of HIV in India by building an all-encompassing response reaching out to diverse populations. We endeavour to provide people with accurate, complete and consistent information about HIV, promote use of condoms for protection and emphasise treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. HRDO works to motivate men and women for a responsible sexual behaviour.

HRDO believes that people need to be aware, motivated, equipped and empowered with knowledge so that they can protect themselves from the impact of HIV. We confront a stark realty – HIV can happen to any of us. Our hope is that anyone can be saved from the infection with appropriate information on prevention. The implications of HIV are very different from most other illnesses. Testing for HIV requires specific and informed consent of the person being tested and any research on data of HIV positive people.

A person has the right to keep information on HIV status confidential.  People with HIV are often afraid to go to court to vindicate their rights for fear of their HIV status becoming public knowledge. However, they can take the help of Suppression of Identity under a pseudonym.  The right to be treated equally is a fundamental right whether it's something as simple as using a public well or something more serious like denial of housing.You can seek remedy in a court of law if you are tested for HIV without informed consent, or your confidentiality is breached, or any of your rights have been violated.



If you are having sex, there are ways to make it much safer and protect yourself from the risk of HIV. Using a condom correctly (or a female condom, known as a ‘femidom’) reduces the risk of HIV transmission because it stops the sexual bodily fluids from coming in to contact with one another. Remaining faithful to one partner, once you have tested together and know each others’ status, also reduces the risk of infection.

For men, circumcision is showing signs of reducing the risk of contracting HIV through vaginal sex by 60%. But it’s important not to forget that you to still have to wear a condom to protect yourself and your partner.

Choosing not to have sex is also an option. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time or be intimate, but it does mean that you are avoiding any chance of becoming infected with the HIV virus.

For people who use needles to inject recreational drugs, it is a MUST to use clean needles EVERY time you inject. If you share needles with other people, you risk becoming infected.

Our Efforts:

We are running a awareness programme on grass root, especially in Rural part of India. We have separate team of Women, Girls, Youth and men who run this activity door to door, School and in the community. Each team carry one member having CAFE qualifications or three years experience in this feilds. In addition, on consent of benificiary we are preparing zone wise data of the people who want their test, after completion of this survey we will organise a vaccination programme with the help of experts and concern authority. 


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