Quality Education programme:

We, “Human Research & Development Organisation” running Schools for under privileged child to Provide free quality education similarly as a good private school. This programme is especially for that student to whose parents can’t afford to bear a school fees in the private school.

A yearly/half yearly examination like competition (written, verbal) is organized for those student (Class 1st to 10th) of government school, subject wise winning participant and their teacher will be awarded by the organization with attractive prizes..

English Programme :

The English Program targets children in the age group of 7-14 years and helps build their basic conversational skills and their ability to read simple texts with comprehension. At the end of this 8 month program children learn to pronounce alphabets and ‘known’ words correctly and build a vocabulary comprising of approximately 500 words and 750 sentences. They also learn to ask 15 different types of ‘wh’ questions (‘where’, ‘what’ etc).

The program is piloted since 2011 in the rural area of Bihar and Haryana States. In the academic year 2013-2014 onwards we will effort to scale up across both rural and urban locations across the country. The classes are usually conducted in the community.

Computer Literacy

This programme is a school based program which caters to school going children from 6-18 age groups with about 40% children in secondary school age. The objective of this program is to impact children basic learning levels using IT and to give them relevant IT knowledge and skills.

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