The Organisation is committed to promote rights and dignity of persons with visually and physically impairments. In order to achieve this laudable objective, the organisation produces certain assistance for visually and physically handicaped. The following assistance and supports is endeavored:

  • Manpower for providing quality education.
  • Vocational training and rehabilitation.
  • Research and Speculation for finding of areas of Service/Job for Visually/Physically Handicaped.
  • Conduct Campus Interview with Corporate to hire the handicaped.
  • Speculation for their own work for handicapped.

This activity carry the followings:

  • Open primery school.
  • Institute for Instrumental and Vocal music.
  • Special Health Camps for Handicaped.
  • Training for Self Defence.

We run a short terms training programme to educate, upgrade & train the field functionaries, service providers & policy makers, we conducts short term training programmes time to timer. While most of these programmes focus on the capacity building, some of them are geared towards generating greater awareness about the rights and entitlements of persons with visual impairments.

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