Running Programme:

Focus Areas/Activities

Activity Covering Focus Areas


Health Camps, General Check up, Medical Relief,  Health Awareness.


Quality Education, Computer Literacy, Awareness, School.

Beggar Free India

We support to educate Child Beggar

Women Development

Internship Model, Pregnancy care Centre, Woman Training Program and Restoring Lost Childhood.

Girls Protection

Awareness, Girls Sports Development, Girls Education and parents awareness


Vocational training and rehabilitation, Research and Speculation for finding of areas of Service/Job for Visually/Physically Handicaped, Special Health Camps for Handicaped,

Elderly and Old age

Blanket Distribution, Old Age Home, Ambulance facilities for Senior Citizen, Awareness, Yoga

Youth & Sports

Youth Leadership, Awareness, Sports, Competition, Tournament, Civic awareness

Cancer Prevention and Salvation

Awareness, Early Check up, Early detection, Diagnosis and Salvation, Palliative care, Medical relief.

Girls Schooling

School for Girls

Rural Development

Commercialization of Rural Areas, Training for small industries, Training for Home production, Civic Awareness, SC/ST School

HIV/AIDS Control

HIV/AIDS Awareness, Safety, Protection, Salvation, Medical Relief, Camps

Art, Craft and Dance

Drawing Promotion, Arts Promotion, Talent Promotion, Competition, Dance Competition, Dance School

Community Development

To organize various activity for community development

Healthy Environment/Environment Control

Awareness for Voice Pollution,  Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, Radioactive Pollution, Thermal Pollution, Light Pollution, Visual Pollution, Personal Pollution

Other Public Interest/Assistance Work/Help for Poor

Assistance and Awareness

Legal Awareness

RTI, RTE, RTF, Other Legal Awareness

Tobacco Deduction/TB Control

TB Control and Awareness, Tobacco Deduction

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