Project Overview Entrepreneur Development Center was established in 2012, to help women from economically backward families build upon their trained skills and to achieve financial sustainability. EDC is established for interns to work on delivering products/services demanded & utilized in market. This internship model has been designed keeping in mind the three pronged approach of Economic Independence, Skill Enhancement and confidence building all of which are very essential to transform themselves into capable entrepreneurs.


Phase1:Intership Model

Skill Enhancement

Exposure to the entire business life cycle

Computer's Training

Phase2:Financial Sustenance & Independence

Income Sustenance

Develop into Entrepreneurs or Employees

Attain rightful Social Empowerment/status


The project focuses on incubating interns over a period of 6-8 months with a variety of skill set. The interns are encouraged to go for marketing of the products, procurement of the raw materials, quality check at customer site, etc. All these activities are done to give the interns a holistic picture of the business model.

EDC orders include wide range of products ranging from petticoats, Night dresses, School frocks, Raincoats, cloth bags, etc. Apart from delivering the market orders the staff and interns also work on designing and developing different products. The EDC team has come up with a variety of innovative and beautiful products which include Laptop sleeves, iPad sleeves, Hand bags of different designs, Doormats, Low price go green bags which can be used instead of plastic, etc.

Impact Created EDC has been successful in acting as a finishing school for the women trained in the vocational training center. We have mentored and assisted 10+ women into full time employment and many more in finding part time employment. Apart from this we have been successful in achieving our goal, by developing 6 First Generation Women Entrepreneurs. Interns working at EDC are able to generate a monthly average income of Rs 2,500 and we are all working together to increase it to higher levels.

Woman Training Program and Restoring Lost Childhood.

This integrated programme aims on community development and education in the various rural area. As part of its capacity building activity, the programme offers the women from the community certificate training course on community health, childcare and preschool education. In addition, the programme sensitises the community members on health and hygiene matters.

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